Tips & tricks for your printed
or tattooed tyres

How to apply the tyre stickers

Tattooing car tyres is incredibly easy with T-PIMP. For optimum adhesion, some aspects during preparation should be observed:

  1. A clean tyre is important. Clean the flat area between tread pattern and rim.
  2. Separate the stickers one from another and pull off the rear protection foil.
  3. Put the sticker on the clean area, without removing its top protection film.
  4. Rub the sticker with the fingernail or a coin.
  5. Carefully pull off the top protection film.
  6. That’s it!

Your tyre sticker lasts up to 5 tyre washes and can then be removed without any residues, using a light cleaning agent.

Of course, you can download the instructions here:

When to use tyre stickers or tyre print


Tyre stickers:

  • Quick and easy application
  • Lasts up to 5 tyre washes
  • Available in sets of 10 and 12 stickers respectively
  • Perfect car decoration for special events such as e.g. Christmas, world championships, sports events, etc.
  • Short-term advertising of your brand, e.g. for a company event, sponsoring, product launch, etc.


Tyre print:

  • Automated high-tech print directly onto the tyre
  • Lasts up to 2 years
  • Possibility to print one or several tyres
  • All-over print on the tyre sidewall
  • Individual design according to customer requirements

Legal issues to observe for customized tyre printing, according to German law:

  • Don’t grind away any technical information which is found on your tyres.
  • Bear in mind a possible tyre imbalance when applying stickers which are too „thick“ or several stickers.
  • Take care that the sticker doesn’t cover any important information as e.g. the manufacturer code. This could lead to difficulties during the technical inspection of your car. Using T-PIMP, however, this shouldn’t be any problem!
  • All T-PIMP products are rubber-based. Hence, don’t use any glue which doesn’t suit with rubber. Otherwise, the tyre can be damaged.

How to clean a printed tyre:


  • Don´t use any aggressive chemical substances containing solvents.
  • Avoid contact with rim cleaning agents – it could corrode the print.
  • Most appropriate for cleaning are light alkalis or window cleaning agents.
  • Use minimum pressure when cleaning the printed surface.
  • Tyre markings withstand even car washes – tyre stickers last up to 5 tyre washes, tyre prints up to 2 years.
  • The use of a high-pressure cleaner should be limited. The tyre area covered with a sticker or print should be carefully and thoroughly cleaned.

How to store a finished tyre:


  • Avoid permanent and direct sun.
  • The ideal place for storing is dark and dry.
  • In case tyres have to be stacked, put a protective foil between the single tyres.
  • We recommend a thorough cleaning before storing the tyres.
  • Before storing, check the tread depth in order to find out if tyres can be used in the following season. If not, please contact us!

How to prevent damages on the finished tyre:


  • Avoid contact with the kerbstone, otherwise the design will be scraped off.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter when using a high pressure cleaner.
  • Apply the tyre tattoos just before the beginning of the event. Colours and design of the stickers will be shiny and fresh!
  • Place the sticker on an even surface of the tyre – avoid irregularities.
  • Tyre print is directly influenced by the structure of the respective sidewall. Thus, colour coating can differ in thickness and as a result, in abrasion properties.

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