Pimp your tire 2.0 –
tyre print for your big show


Big, exclusive, customized – a special high-technology procedure allows us to put creative designs and brand messages onto your tyre. We lift tyre styling up to a higher level. Whether one colour only, frisky patterns or just words – everything is possible as print on your tyre sidewall. And everything is „Made in Germany”.


Customized tyre decoration for car lovers and entrepreneurs

What is really amazing is that the print can be applied to all tyre types up to 60kg and lasts up to 2 years.
Everything from small bicycles tyres for children to big trucks tyres – we can give them some personality.

Cool prints for each tyre type









Car fans, hobby mechanics or professional tuners can integrate their individual preferences down to the most minute detail and leave a lasting impression in the tuning scene. Of course, the tyre print can be applied whether with or without rims. On one hand, this finish not only looks absolutely great, but at the same time can be used perfectly for advertising purposes. Whether tyre manufacturer, car manufacturer, distributor, sponsor or any other company –  a tyre print with their logo or company name allows all of them to be seen and recognized. The customized tyre design will fascinate your customers and friends – and it will be easy to make new contacts!  Furthermore, we guarantee that you can use your tyres and your vehicle as you usually do. This means that the sidewalls of the tyre remain in their original condition and the print doesn’t have any effect on the driving properties.

We have decades of experience in the field of tyre markings and continuously develop our technical know-how. Thanks to high technology procedures, the latest printing methods and a professional preparation and elaboration of your graphic data, we are able to bring your ideas onto every kind of tyre.


You are only 5 steps away from your self-designed tyre!

  1. Direct tyre print is a service, thus, we need your tyre here with us. First of all, it is about arranging the shipment of the tyres you would like us to print (new or used ones) to our premises.
  2. In our catalogue, you will find some design examples. Choose your favourite or send us your creative idea – it will be our pleasure to submit you a customized quotation.
  3. Before printing, the tyre has to be cleaned. Our team will eliminate old markings, clean thoroughly the material and inspect the tyres for damages.
  4. The most important part then is the print of your individual design on the tyre.
  5. Last but not least, shipment of your now printed tyres back to you has to be arranged.

You are interested in receiving more detailed information on tyre print? Here you can find everything related to delivery times and pricing.

Delivery time and costs differ from case to case. They depend on the tyre type, number of tyres you want us to print and the country you are located. It is also decisive which design you choose: for customized designs we have to invest more time than for one of our catalogue. For a first estimation of price and delivery time, please refer to our team – we will be pleased to advise you!

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