Turn your car into a cool individualist

Originally, tyre stickers were developed for commercial tyre marking, exclusively for the motorsports industry. These particular transfer labels were used to mark vulcanized rubber products.

We have created the brand T-PIMP in order to give also private car enthusiasts the possibility to use tyre stickers for individual purpose and decoration. Thanks to a sophisticated transfer procedure, the highly elastic rubber label can be transferred without any special auxiliary, and sticks on the tyre thanks to a special glue layer.

The rubber glue on the backside of the sticker allows an easy transfer to your tyre:
Decorate your tyres e.g. with national flags for the forthcoming football world championship, the emblem of your favourite sports club or individual motives, and make your family and other road users smile with your unusual tyres.

Pimp your tyre: Try something new!

Colour the grey everyday life on the road with a tyre sticker. You will draw everybody‘s attention with your individual tyre marking. The self-sticking tyre tattoo adheres thanks to a special glue layer. It is easy to apply without the need of any tools, and guarantees your vehicle an impressive appearance.

Run free, check out new looks for your tyres and use the huge variety of motives against monotony on tyres. Your children will also be excited when you decorate their bicycle tyres!

Particularly convenient is the fact that the tyre stickers won’t last forever. After 5 tyre washes, the tattoo fades. Possible residues can be easily eliminated by means of a light cleaning agent or nail polish remover.
Thus, there isn’t any additional work to do. You can switch to another favourite design at any time right after cleaning.

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