Individualize your car with these self-adhesive tyre tattoos

The car tuning scene continuously grows. New materials and accessories appear on the market and help car fans to differ from the masses. Those who love their car, pay special attention to the quality of these extras and considerably raise the value of their cars.
You can leave an impression and show to other road users what your heart is burning for, even without special modification measures. Leave traces in a quick and uncomplicated manner!
Whether your favourite club, a car brand or a funny emoticon: make a particular statement with a tyre sticker.


Discover the variety of tyre stickers

Get an idea of T-PIMP tyre stickers already applied on the tyre and refer to the gallery to find an overview of our products. Hence, no need to wait any longer: just have a look at the selected pictures.

Do you like what you see? If you want to “pimp” your car with a tyre tattoo, just have a look at the list of specialist dealers who sell our new tyre stickers.

With each order, you also receive a detailed instruction of how to apply the tyre stickers onto your tyre. It goes without saying that we have also prepared an online version of the application instructions.

You consider yourself an individualist and would like to use a specific tyre tattoo to spread a personal message on the road?

We offer to you the possibility to order a customized tyre tattoo with your favourite design. No matter if you need it for a special occasion or for no special reason: please contact us for a customized quotation.

And for all those who consider their car more than a means of transport, we have prepared a continuously growing guidebook with hints and suggestions on tyre care and car tuning.


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